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Earlier this year, a consultation was held with BID levy payers who were invited to contribute to the content of a third term business plan for Winchester BID. By now, if you are the voter you should have received a copy of the final business plan and the ballot paper/s. The BID has responded to several frequently asked questions and thus you may find the following responses helpful:

Do I need to return the cream proxy form to vote?
The proxy form is to be used if you want to nominate a person to vote on your behalf.

In the proposals, it states that the BID will receive more income during the term; does this mean the BID levy will increase?

The BID levy will remain at 1.5% of the Rateable Value of the local hereditament throughout the third term. The Rateable Value will be determined by the 2017 ratings list. No inflation will be applied during the lifetime of the BID.

The indicated increase in income found on page 21 of the business plan relates to external income the BID team are targeted to raise during the third term. A cautious approach has been applied to this forecasting, thus it is likely targets will be exceeded and additional income be available to spend on ad-hoc projects considered by the BID Board.

I haven’t received a Business Plan; does that mean I won’t be eligible to vote?
Not necessarily. The business plans have been posted to the person who the BID believe to be the voter for your business. For national businesses, this may have been directed to a head office. If you believe you are the voter and have not received a business plan, please get in touch with the BID office.

When will ballot papers arrive?
Ballot papers were issued by Winchester City Council on 5 October.

How long do I have to vote?
The ballot is a postal ballot and closes at 5pm on 2nd November. Your ballot paper must reach Winchester City Council by then to be counted.

I have more than one property within the proposed BID area, should I just send back one ballot paper?
If multiple ballot papers are returned in one envelope, only one will be counted. The Ballot paper/s must be submitted in their separate corresponding envelope/s to ensure they are counted. The BID’s ballot video provides a good guide.

I haven’t received my ballot paper. What do I do?
If you or your appointed proxy has not received a ballot paper, you may apply in writing to the Ballot Holder at Winchester City Council for a replacement. Their e-mail is Evidence in the form of headed paper and a signature as to your identity will be required.

I have spoilt my ballot paper. What do I do?
If you have spoilt your ballot paper, return in to The Ballot Holder, Winchester City Council, City Offices, Colebrook Street, Winchester, SO23 9LJ no later than Monday 30 October and you will be issued with a replacement.

How does the vote work?
For the ballot to be successful there must be a simple majority of those voting in favour of the proposals, both in terms of the numbers voting and also the rateable value represented by those voting.

When and where will the outcome be announced?
Ballot papers will be counted and the result decaled on Friday 3 November 2017. The result will be published at Winchester City Council’s offices and online at

Please contact Catherine Turness if you have additional questions regarding the upcoming ballot.

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