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In response, the Government announced a series of measures aimed at assisting businesses and underpinning their future success. In April 2017, the Chancellor’s business rate revaluation delivered “the biggest ever cut in business rates”, with a £6.7bn 5 year package. Nearly three quarters of businesses saw no change or a fall in bills, whilst 600,000 businesses were exempted from business rates altogether. In addition, business rates will be linked to RPI rather than CPI from 2020, saving businesses approximately £370 million. In January 2018, Public Health England released, Healthy High Streets, publishing a series of recommendations on promoting and improving the health of residents and wider communities through good place making in urban settings.

This symposium will provide local authorities, landlords, retailers, planning authorities, directors of public health, retailers and business groups, with a timely and invaluable opportunity to assess future challenges and priorities for British high streets, and share best practice in delivering inclusive, shared and locally responsive growth.

Delegates will:

  • Identify prioritises for revitalising high streets and town centres and increasing footfall
  • Formulate strategies for using planning and licensing policies to influence the retail offer and protect local ownership
  • Determine how retailers are delivering creative and innovative customer experiences in store, enhancing social and cultural interactions and exchange
  • Examine the impact of Business Rate Revaluation on the viability and profitability of local businesses
  • Explore methods of driving a connected digital high street, with online and offline retail services working together for mutual benefit
  • Assess how high streets can impact both upon health, both directly and through psychosocial pathways
  • Analyse the importance of inclusive regeneration design, improving high street and town centre accessibility for marginalised and underrepresented groups
  • Discuss how to achieve effective partnership between local authority, residents, traders and BIDs
  • Share best practice in involving community groups and residents in the planning and implementation of high street interventions

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The Future of British High Streets and Town Centres 
Working in Partnership to Revitalise Essential Social Infrastructure

Strand Palace Hotel

Wednesday 13th June 2018


Helen Dickinson OBE
Chief Executive
British Retail Consortium

Cllr Johnny Hayes MBE
City of York Council

Andy Farrall
Deputy Chief Executive & Executive Director of Economic Regeneration, Growth & Environment
Warrington Borough Council

Paul Clement
British BIDs

Kate Nicholls

Alex Schlagman
Save the High Street

Chris Fowler
Relationship Manager

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