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Are you looking for an office in central Winchester that you can walk straight into?
Whether you’re looking to rent a prestigious office space in the centre of Winchester or you simply need to stop working from home, you can walk straight into an office in Hampshire Workspace in Southgate Street Winchester, with phone and superfast broadband, and start doing business. They do the rest- without fuss or delay.
No Long Term Commitment
No-one can eliminate the risk of being in business but you can do a lot to reduce it with Hampshire Workspace’s flexible contract. If you want to leave, you only need give two months’ notice. Not only are you not committed long term to the office, the same applies to your phone, broadband, electricity, heating and all services.
Their Staff Are Your Staff
You don’t need to concern yourself with employing a secretary or a cleaner or an office junior. Unlike some office rental companies, Hampshire Workspace provide a staffed reception, receive deliveries and handle your post. They can also answer your phone, supply stationery, manage your diary and provide administration services. Think of them as Joan from Mad Men.
Do What You Do Best, Let Hampshire Workspace Do The Rest
You can talk to Hampshire Workspace about what they can do to help your business grow- email or phone 01962 864321.


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