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The BID have received an update regarding Hampshire’s response to the recent terror attacks which happened in both Manchester and London. This was provided by ACC Dave Hardcastle who oversees our Counter Terrorism response to incidents and our protective services:

“Over the last few weeks with recent events we have completed an assessment of what our response should be.  A selection of patrol sites have been chosen based on criteria supplied from the South East Counter Terrorism Unit (SECTU), JOU Strategic Operations department and Joint Terrorism Assessment Centre (JTAC) advisory guidance circulations. These sites reflect the attacks we have seen in recent months, including crowded places, iconic bridges and night time economy.

As a result of the assessment I was informed yesterday that Winchester City Centre has been highlighted as one of these sites.  As a result over the next 3 months there will be daily foot patrols by both armed and unarmed officers.  The patrols will be at random times across the day and they will be effective from Monday 26th June 2017.  This should provide capability to disrupt hostile reconnaissance by DENYING; DETECTING & DETERING those assessing opportunities.

Please be reassured that this is not based on any current information or intelligence that there is going an attack at this location.  However we are still at the upper end of SEVERE threat level and this is a proportionate response to that threat.  This response will be reviewed quarterly. The officers will be briefed when conducting these patrols to ensure that they engage with members of the public to provide the reassurance that there is no direct threat and that they should be/remain vigilant but not alarmed.”


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